Carbon Footprint

Guests Encouraged to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Guests are encouraged to reduce their carbon footprints by supporting Nicara Lodge's “Travellers' Trees” campaign. Guests achieve this by buying a native tree or shrub, which will be planted in their name.

Travellers' Trees is a Hamurana Springs Incorporated Society (HSIC) and Department of Conservation (DOC) special project. DOC and HSIC set aside and cleared an area close to the Springs solely for Travellers' Trees.

Over the last few years, the HSIC has cleared the Hamurana Stream's banks, an area now bursting with trout and bird life. The stream, which flows from pristine springs, makes the walk through the Redwoods to the Hamurana Springs a magic stroll.

Planting of the already bought saplings occurs in spring and continues into autumn. Each traveller who buys a tree receives the GPS coordinates of the placement so the traveller can monitor the progress of his or her tree.

Offset Your Carbon Footprint Buy a Native Tree Today

Not only will your tree take up greenhouse gas emissions, but also it will improve air quality, recycle water and create shade. It will also provide food and homes for the living things in and around the Hamurana Stream.

If you would like to help offset your carbon footprint by buying a native tree for planting, click here for more detailor for prices and to order, click here.