Nicara Lakeside Lodge's Environmental Policy

Guests Encouraged to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Heather and Mike are totally committed to reducing their impact on the environment in any way possible and encourage guests to do the same.

Nicara Lodge's sustainability efforts include using biodegradable bin liners and taking recycles regularly to the local recycle depot. All garden waste is disposed of at the local green waste transfer station and turned into compost.

Less Impact on the Environment

Nicara Lakeside Lodge fully acknowledges that any business affects the wider natural and social environment in which we live. Nicara aims to continue creating a location where that impact is minimised as much as is practicable.

Current actions to reduce the impact include:

  • Continuously monitoring energy consumption and identifying abnormal usage
  • Turning off electrical appliances when rooms are not in use
  • Not leaving guest appliances on stand by
  • Giving guests the choice of leaving heated towel rails and/or underfloor bathroom heating off or on during their stay
  • Consolidating complimentary laundry loads to conserve water and power. Washing towels left on the floor at guest's request. Using biodegradable, phosphate free washing powder and softeners
  • Maximum insulation fitted to roof areas, pipes, walls (interior and exterior) and floors. A heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system freshens the upper level. Using a heat pump in the Lodge minimises the winter need for underfloor heating

  • Using only biodegradable enviro friendly detergents and cleaning agents throughout
  • Using locally made toiletries that contain no animal ingredients and are 98% vegetable based. Click here to learn more
  • Employing where possible local contractors and sourcing much of Nicara Lodge's needs from local suppliers
  • Creating some produce and fruits from a small vegetable garden on site
  • Buying in bulk to further reduce packaging and using local or New Zealand made environmentally produced goods wherever possible